International Removals

Are you moving abroad?

Redferns international removals can accommodate you all over the world. Whether you’re moving for work or for personal reasons, we provide a professional and high quality service.

Moving abroad is stressful enough without having the added worry of whether your international removals company will be reliable and up to standard. That’s why we specially train our staff to be able to assist you with everything from start to finish.

Redferns has over 75 years of experience so we know just what you’re looking for when moving abroad.

-         Depending on your own personal choice and destination, we perform moves by road, sea and air.

-         We offer fast weekly shipping from your house, and move all your furniture and personal effects direct from the UK to anywhere world.

-         The safety and security of your possessions are really important to us at Redfern Removals which is why our global cover helps to maintain that priority.


How will my belongings be packed?

To ensure the safety of your possession, we expertly pack your belongings to the highest standard. Our staff ensure that they pack and load all your items safely and professionally to minimise any breakages or damages to your items. If you have any fragile or large items that require specialist care, we will ensure that they are packaged correctly.


What happens when I arrive?

Once you have arrived at your destination, one of our international removal staff will handle all the practical issues, import documents and customs clearance for you. We also arrange for all your belongings to be delivered straight to your new home.


If you are moving abroad, or just thinking about it and want to find out more, call us on 0800 019 4498 or visit our website for more information on our international removals.

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